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L.A.M.E. 1 , likes showing


text book Magazine / Cook Book

ready-made food art.

Isn’t how all dishes made by


LOVERS are, not FOOD


NETWORK kitchen made.


  Nuff said!




Boil water add seasoning for personal


taste – Olive oil and Garlic Powder


(not shown) see: Love Snack Ideas. 


Example: S/he might like


“Bay leaves’, stuff like that…..




2 / 3rd of the way after the pasta is


boiling add some frozen vegies


and then turn off the heat



– Allows pasta to cool in seasoned water


and also allows vegies to thaw at


the same time. 



Water will remain a little hotter


than warm, because the pasta retains


the boiling hot water phase of the


2 /3rd time off boiling cook time.




Adding frozen cooked shrimp: 5 minutes


or so later / Water is still warm enough to


thaw the frozen shrimp



– Toss some in a container (as to measure


amount of shrimp s/he is adding)


and rinse, then add to pot.




Drain water after s/he thinks the


mixture is seasoned (8 – 13 minutes)


more is a safe bet for


L.A.M.E. 1


type dishes.



After draining add Alfredo and


cheddar cheese. Mix with large


spoon by folding bottom layer


to top layer, until all


ingredients are sparingly


even throughout pot.




Let stand for another 8 + minutes and flash


when ready to serve. Flash = liquid beginning


to boil and then turn off heat again


and don’t forget to stir while flashing






Should’ve named this dish: One Pot Medley :)
Until Next Time, Enjoy

L.A.M.E. 1