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Keeping with the:









L.A.M.E. 1 , likes showing


text book Magazine / Cook Book

ready-made food art.

Isn’t how all dishes made by


LOVERS are, not FOOD


NETWORK kitchen made.






L.A.M.E. 1likes eating


healthy, So I profess to LOVERS


World Wide N every way possible.




L.A.M.E. 1 Potions




Drugs come in many forms, from


nicotine to alcohol. Very


easy and simple –




If you are the one, who is addicted,


ask yourself this question:



How long do you want to


continue loving your lover. 



If you are the one that would like


your lover who is addicted to


slow down or stop their habit,


ask yourself this question:



How long do you think your lover


will live with their habit verses


without their habit. This brings up


many relational parameters:



  1. How long are you going to be together?
  2. Is marriage in your plans?
  3. Side Bar Talk: Many couples are not married with a
  4. child or two and their relationship has stood the test of time.
  5. Do you care enough to want a drug free relationship?
  6. What can you do to prolong your love?



Good that you ask me, the


L.A.M.E. 1 . 



One word, “dedication”!  Dedicate


your body to your lover like they


would their habit.  Every time


they want a drink or smoke




– Have a sex session that


should work!




Don’t get me wrong, social


drinking and smoking is alright


in moderation.  However when a


habit becomes part of life style


itself and shortens the life span


of a being, it cuts short on one


of the greatest joys besides


living – sex.






Live Long with Love



L.A.M.E. 1
























Until Next Time, Enjoy

L.A.M.E. 1