Chocolate Peanut Butter SNACK




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However, a La Amorous Libido Appetizers page is too show the general population that lovers don’t have to have a food channel “fancy” kitchen to make a love dish for your love. Example peanut butter cups might be an aphrodisiac of your love – easy to bake and less than 31 minutes from start to finish!



Say you know your love, likes


chocolate peanut butter cups and


you being the loving person that


you are decide to make


a homemade version.



The point is not the ingredients I make


use of, this is to bring relevancy


– that showing love is


not always:




a) physical


b) has to be expensive


c) needs to be bought


d) expend so much energy and time



e) or has to be suggested (hints) from


your love, just for you to show I do care



e1) example of your love dropping a hint:


I haven’t had a chocolate peanut butter cup


in a while!



To begin, I find that pre-made


dough from your grocery store


near the cheese and eggs section


is best when you have no idea(s)


about how to make homemade


bread like I


(L.A.M.E. 1 )…..




The new age adage of


L.A.M.E. 1is your


wealth in each other, not a cliché


“That the way to {S}HE’s


heart is through their stomach”,


which is really a non-discussed





Case and point, when 1 is first


conceived, it all starts from the


girls belly and from her stomach


inner stomach wall to our naval


(belly button) where we 1st


get and receive or nutrition


– Think About It!



Anywho, whomever chooses to


read on – this is how to make


a nice bread love dish that is


nutritious, sweet and tastes


good, if I do say so myself


(smile, if you forgot).

What’s Needed:




1) Baking Pan (Cookie Sheet) or Heavy Duty


Aluminum Foil;


2) Pillsbury Croissant Dough;


3) Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate


(In some areas, the grocery stores have


different flavored semi-sweet chocolates);


4) Peanut butter;


5) Not shown: baking coconut



******Sidebar Note: Two sections of interest


when @ the grocery store for this gourmet


delight: Baking section where the


“make from scratch” cake mixtures are and


the cheese and eggs section for the croissant.




Just to show that, getting a love dish


together is not all that time consuming.


Bonus thought about this all, is in the


baking section there are more sweet baking


ingredients than I listed.


Back to your customizable


Gourmet Love Dish:


L.A.M.E. 1Gourmet Talk

(L.A.M.E. 1World Translator:


Rosetta Stone; Decipher;


Legend; Translation):

Bed = bottom layer
Comforter = top layer
Sheet = Dry ingredients
Blanket = wet ingredients
Pillow Talk = Libido Enhanced Herbs, Spices, etc.



Though my thoughts are my own, when I


come across like-minded articles:


instead of speaking the same linguistics,


I choose to share other thoughts,


as John Renner was thinking:


“The mind is the most potent aphrodisiac
there is”, says John Renner, founder of the
Consumer Health Information Research
Institute (CHIRI).




“It’s very difficult to evaluate something someone
is taking because if you tell them it’s
an aphrodisiac, the hope of a certain response
might actually lead to an additional
sexual reaction.”


This excerpt is a good knowledge base beginning


for LOVERS to know, the only aphrodisiac is the


ones that each lover finds stimulating


(erotic in one’s own mind) as a libido


(sexual “LOVEMAKING”)


stimulate / not inhibitor!



Back to the Chocolate peanut
butter Croissants


When you place the croissant


dough on the cookie sheet




– The dough can be placed


as 4 triangles,



- 2 Rectangles (2 triangles not pulled apart


where the dough is perforated for


easy separation)



- the whole role (8) triangles: Note if


you use the whole canister of pre-made


croissant dough, you will need to


buy 2 canisters


– For obvious reasons: There has to be


enough dough left over for the comforter


that is after you place your chosen


ingredients on the bed!



Now for our chocolate peanut and
butter sheets: Usually all I do is layer
the bed with sheets of
different ingredients.


Sometimes the sheets of ingredients are


of equal proportions – a nice semi-thick


layer on top of the bed, before we put


on the comforter.


*When we want to taste more of one sheet
(ingredient) than another, layer each
sheet accordingly as if you are sheet
manufacturer and add more
“thread count” to that sheet!


Seal the bed and the comforter edges together


by pinching them together. This keeps the


sheets from oozing out during baking!



Bake for 10 – 12 minutes


(until comforter is golden brown)

Wah la – You should be ready to


share your love snack!