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L.A.M.E. 1would like to start


off by mentioning, I am not promoting


any individual product or food


brand name.



Just these are things I use and buy


because, that’s what’s available in my


current area (Well, Kinda :)




So when certain pictures are


displayed / more so or less


– That pic helps explain! 


And we’re off…..





This recipe starts with a sauté mixture


of Olive Oil, Country Crock and


Garlic Powder



– Always kept at the lowest simmering


temp of your range


(On a scale of 1 -10; 2.5 is adequate)




Warm enough to bring the combined


additions to a slow cook and eventually


low pre-boil.




We’re using frozen vegetables this time. 


First the asparagus – Chopping the whole


stalk into bite size pieces is optional.    





Once the amount of asparagus stalk being


used is sliced, just go ahead and toss it


into the Sauté.




– Quick note the Sauté should be off


not at the “2.5”, that was just to melt


and dissolve the ingredients.



Time for the carrots and peas


– Notice we are using the bottom surface


of a serving plate as a measuring tool. 




Fast Forward: Three vegetables, one meat


and a cheese blanket to finish things off




– Combined, should be the beginning of


a nice cozy mid-day snack or by


adding other appetizers, a generous


dinner for two as well!




Mix the Asparagus / Carrots / Peas


thoroughly with the Sauté mixture,


then let set and marinate again with


range at “0”.



Now for the final piece before the range


comes on at “2.5” – One chicken breast,


needs to be cut up into near size vegetable


pieces already in the pan!





Okay, after chicken breast is cut as so,


then add the chicken cutlets and don’t forget


to mix thoroughly so the mixture in


the pan is as distributed as even as possible.




Now “2.5” your range, checking every


5 – 7 minutes stirring and keeping the meat


from sticking together



When the aroma of garlic and whatever


vegies and meats “YOU TWO LOVERS”


decide to use, starts to fill the kitchen




And the “2.5” has the Sauté at a


pre-boiling state – your dish


is ready to serve!




Add a favorite cheese over top,


like a blanket. Range at “0” after laying


the final ingredient and again


stir thoroughly.





Time to grab the Whole Wheat Roll Ups


and put on some Sautéed ASPARAGUS /




on a piece of WHOLE WHEAT ROLL UPS!





It's a Wrap





Very tasty – Side note: should’ve added


more cheese. Didn’t do that, so a


condiment: spicy mustard, planed


on doing it anyway however. 




Wanted to show other spices, can


all so add flavor – to an already


tasty dish.




Drain as much Sauté as possible and have


a plate nearby in case and when this


dish leaks from biting into one end




L.A.M.E. 1